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Tutoring and Test Prep Services

Wendy R. Tilford is the franchise Owner and Operator of Huntington Learning Center Houston Heights and West University locations in the Houston metroplex.  


Backed by Huntington's proven methods, both centers provide top-of-the-line subject tutoring, study skills, and ACT/SAT exam prep services.  For over 40 years, Huntington Learning Center has been improving student grades, test scores and confidence through its proven 4-step approach: 


Comprehensive academic evaluation to determine strengths and weaknesses


Personalized learning plan targeted to meet each student’s needs


Individual tutoring to learn at their pace and their level to build skills, confidence and motivation


Conferences with students’ teachers and parents to discuss progress

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Your child deserves the best.

With individual programs, and tailored to fit each students strengths, schedules, and academic goals, we see results every day. Our learning centers offer proprietary, proven methods from our certified teachers, based on learning styles, filling skill gaps, understanding learning differences and development of individualized programs for each students' needs.

Choose from either centers owned and operated by Wendy:

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