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Seeing your child struggle at any stage of their education can leave you with feelings of frustration and helplessness. Parents are often desperate to find answers, only to find themselves going in circles with minimal to no results.


With Power to the Parent, Education Consultant Wendy R. Tilford helps you take control of your child’s education and reshape their learning experience with transformative principles to educational success.


Power to the Parent uncovers the foundational secrets to learning with simple, easy-to-follow guidance for parents.  From learning differences and improving test scores, to excelling through transitional years and beyond, these learning concepts can be applied to all students K-12.

Power to the Parent

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  • Wendy R. Tilford has dedicated her life to helping families and students achieve academic success. As an advisor, speaker and franchise owner of two tutoring centers, Wendy is one of the most highly sought after consultants and college counselors in Texas.

    Wendy is an Associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling and the Texas Association for College Admissions Counseling. She also serves as the Business Member Representative for eight schools in the Houston Independent School District as a member of HISD’s Shared Decision-Making Committee.

    Wendy's enthusiasm for helping families reach their academic and collegiate goals goes well beyond her profession.  As a mother, her passion for education is deeply rooted in her love of family and her desire for all children to thrive and succeed.

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